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Upgrade to WebLook v5.0

If you are a registered owner of an earlier version of WebLook, please contact our Sales Department to order your upgrade today.

Some New Features

Below are some of the new features available:

  • New Zero-Client Interface
    · Eliminates the need to install any components
    on the client machine.
    · Drawing images converted automatically into browser compatible PNG image.
    · Compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • New File Format Support
    · AutoCAD® 2016 Support
    · Autodesk Inventor® 2016 Support
    · SolidWorks® 2015 Support
    · MicroStation® 8.0 Support
  • New scrollbar and Wheel-Mouse control of
    scroll/pan function
  • ActiveX now has over 250 properties and methods

If you are interested in finding out more about the new features in WebLook v5.0, please contact our Sales Department.

Contact Sales Department
Telephone: 407-672-0202
Email: sales@kamelsoftware.com.


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