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Features & Specifications

Extremely Fast Viewing - New Life for Older PCs
Time spent waiting for drawings to download is a thing of the past as WebLook accurately views your drawing in seconds.

View Native Formats - No More Converting
Supports AutoCAD, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, MicroStation, Cadkey, ME 10/30, DXF, HPGL, TIFF, Cals G4 and more!

Secure Access to Your Drawings
Your actual drawing file never leaves the safety of your server. The integrity of your designs are always preserved.

Control Access from the Server
Control who, what, where, when and how a user accesses your drawings and images.

Full-fledged Web Server
Serves standard web pages, images, and components files. Also, supports PHP and PERL scripting languages.

Create Custom Interfaces
The ways to customize WebLook for your users are limited only by your imagination.

Markup / Redline Over Web
Extensive array of redline tools to create virtually any form of comment, correction or instruction with optional module.

Manage Multiple Sites
Create multiple Web sites for separate projects. Allows the creation of Virtual Directories.

Central Storage / Zero Administration
WebLook automatically publishes drawings dynamically from your central drawing repository.

Advanced AutoCAD® Data Extraction
Extract AutoCAD block attributes, extended entity data, object data and SQL links.

Freely Distributable Thin-Client
The WebLook ActiveX may be used inside Internet Explorer® or any ActiveX host application, such as Visual Basic®.


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