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Welcome to the Developer Zone

These developer resources are designed to provide you with a single site in which to find all the tools you need to build your own solutions using FastLook and WebLook Technologies.

FastLook Developers
Sample Code

Download sample code for FastLook integrations.

  • Visual Basic 6.0 (32KB)
  • VB.NET 2003 (40KB)
  • VB.NET 2008+ (48KB)
  • VC#.NET 2008+ (45KB)
  • MS Access 95/97 (188KB)
  • MS Access 2000 and later (184KB)
  • Delphi (12KB)

  • WebLook Developers
    The Basics

    Sample HTML and JavaScript code for WebLook integrations.

  • WebLook Object
  • Scripting WebLook
  • Data Extraction

  • We use our own WebLook software to serve all the pages and images for this website.
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