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Markup / Redline Over Web

Collaborate online with suppliers, customers and your own staff. Every member of the design team may interact with our redline tools to communicate changes and revisions, reducing review and approval cycles.

Customers and suppliers can have input every step of the way, reducing design time and improving customer satisfaction.

WebLook has an extensive array of redline tools to create virtually any form of comment, correction or instruction.

  • Text, lines, leaders, circles, boxes, arcs, clouds, polylines and freehand sketch.
  • Redline ViewMarks .
  • Entity fills include highlight color, hatch and solid color.
  • Multiple layers with user-definable names and colors.
  • Redline font styles and rotation.
  • Easily edit redline entities.

Drawing is easy and intuitive, with tools designed for both technical and non-technical personnel. To assure the greatest flexibly, Redlining has been designed as an optional module. You may easily roll out redline capabilities to only those who require it.


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