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WebLook Basics

Scripting the WebLook ActiveX

WebLook can interact with popular Web browser scripting environments such as JavaScript, VBScript, and JScript. This opens many new possibilities for highly interactive Web applications.

The following is some sample code from the Sample HTML Interface example available online from the Demonstration Center. It shows one method for changing the drawing that WebLook is viewing, which involves the use of a list of drawing names.

//This code is copied into the HEADER section
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
function change_drawing() {


//Copy this code into the BODY of the page.
<select NAME="FileList" onClick="change_drawing()">
  <option VALUE="http://www.kamelsoftware.com/kamel.cgm.ifl">kamel.cgm
  <option VALUE="http://www.kamelsoftware.com/3dbolt.dwg.ifl">3dbolt.dwg
  <option VALUE="http://www.kamelsoftware.com/asesmp.dwg.ifl">asesmp.dwg
  <option VALUE="http://www.kamelsoftware.com/airplane.dwg.ifl">airplane.dwg
  <option VALUE="http://www.kamelsoftware.com/bia1.dwg.ifl">grading plan.dwg
  <option VALUE="http://www.kamelsoftware.com/grader.dwg.ifl">grader.dwg
  <option VALUE="http://www.kamelsoftware.com/blocks.dwg.ifl">blocks.dwg

This example is using JavaScript to call WebLook's SRC method.

We use our own WebLook software to serve all the pages and images for this website.
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