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WebLook DBMS

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Demonstration Center

This example shows WebLook v5.0 combined with our WebLook DBMS. This powerful duo allows you to search for and find drawing information from a standard Microsoft Access database.

Questions? Please contact our Sales or Technical Support department at 407-672-0202.

WebLook DBMS with Full-Screen Viewer

Create your own custom interface with the combination of HTML, JavaScript and the WebLook v5.0 client.

Please use Internet Explorer to access this example.

WebLook DBMS with Data Panel Option

Clicking on this link will cause a drawing to display full-screen in the browser. Access the display and redline tools by clicking the right mouse button in the drawing window.

Please use Internet Explorer to access this example.

We use our own WebLook software to serve all the pages and images for this website.
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