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Features & Specifications

The FastLook DBMS combines with FastLook Plus to offer one interface for cataloging and finding drawings and related images.

Customize the Database
Customize the database to include only the information that is most important to you and your organization. The FastLook DBMS uses the industry standard Access Jet Database .MDB file for portability.   

Use an Existing Database
The DBMS can be configured to use an existing Access database. If you currently have your data in some other form, the DBMS provides for Import and Export from existing databases.   

Adding records a snap
Adding records and information to the database is fast and flexible. Select which images you wish to be included in the database, and records are automatically created. Automatically fill in field data from block attributes in AutoCAD drawings.   

Searching and retrieving records is made simple with more powerful text and indexed searches. Now you can make it easy for those who need to find drawings. Keep track of files by part number, project, author, date or any other attribute YOU choose.   

View, Redline & Print
The power of FastLook is at your fingertips. Use all of FastLook's advanced features including view, redline, print, plot, hyper-link and access AutoCAD data, through the DBMS interface.   

Follow AutoCAD SQL/ADE
If you utilize AutoCAD drawings with SQL links to a database, the DBMS will allow you to access this information. Simply pick the AutoCAD entity on the screen and the record will be presented.   

Administrator Controls
The administrator has the capability to change the order of the fields and may use any field or combination of fields in the database as the path/filename for viewing purposes. The network version of the DBMS will honor the permissions defined for FastLook in the Network Admin Module.   


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