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FastLook Plus

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Features & Specifications

FastLook provides fast, accurate viewing of the most popular vector and raster images, including CAD drawings, scanned documents, renderings, word processing documents, spreadsheets and even color photos.

Views Over 200 Formats
FastLook Plus supports AutoCAD® , Inventor® , SOLIDWORKS® , MicroStation® (with optional module), Cadkey® , ME 10/30, DXF, HPGL, TIFF, Cals G4 and much, much more!

FastLook PRO supports all that FastLook Plus supports, plus IGES, STEP, STL, ACIS, plus part and assembly files for SOLIDWORKS® and part files for Autodesk Inventor®.

Markup and Annotation
Communicate changes clearly with your team members. FastLook has the most extensive assortment of redlining (mark-up) tools on the market. Any form of comment, correction or instruction may be created and placed on supported images.

Quality Printing
FastLook has true independent print and plot capabilities to any Windows device. You can print or plot an individual file or batch print as many as you wish.

Learning and using FastLook is simple for even the most basic user. The FastLook interface is fully customizable to help your users work more efficiently.

AutoCAD® Data Extraction
FastLook has the capability to display data stored as block attributes, extended entity data and SQL links. When FastLook is integrated with a host application using DLL calls, any external application can make use of this data. Simply pick an entity, and the associated data is passed to your application.

Link "Hot Spots"
Place "hot spots" on drawings or images, and link all relevant documents such as inspection reports, instructions, bill of materials, renderings, photos, etc.. One popular use of this feature is to create a shop-floor application where all subassembly drawings are linked to their parent assemblies.

Administrator Controls
The network version of FastLook comes with our Admin Module, allowing you to assign rights for individual or groups of users.

Integrate with Internet Explorer®
Put the power of FastLook right inside your browser with our free ActiveX.

Application Programming Interface (API)
The FastLook API provides over 400 calls for you to develop your own custom viewing application.

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