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Product Information

FastLook technology offers an economical way to deliver the ability to view, print and markup CAD drawings and raster images to both internal and external customers, suppliers and team members.


FastLook PRO

FastLook PRO v15

FastLook has now gone PRO with our support for 3D Models and Formats. FastLook PRO includes 3D CAD with the standard 2D CAD, raster and office document formats.

FastLook PRO takes all the features of FastLook Plus and adds support for 3D Models and a whole host of new 3D formats. This version of FastLook includes support for IGES, STEP, STL, ACIS, plus part and assembly files for SOLIDWORKS® and part files for Autodesk Inventor®.



Features & Specifications
FastLook PRO supports all the features and formats of FastLook Plus, plus support for 3D Models and additional 3D formats.

FastLook PRO provides the same robust API as FastLook Plus. Any application that you have written to work with FastLook Plus will seamlessly work with the FastLook PRO edition.


Download a trial copy of
FastLook PRO here!

3D Formats Supported
  • STEP®
  • IGES
  • STL
  • ACIS®
  • AutoCAD® 2024
  • Inventor® 2023
  • SOLIDWORKS® 2022
  • MicroStation® 8.0

          plus all formats
           supported in
           FastLook Plus
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