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Demonstration Center

We provide for your evaluation purposes. To assure that your purchasing decision can be made from this demo, we have included filters supporting the most popular file types.

Questions? Please contact our Sales or Technical Support department at 407-672-0202.

Download Trial
FastLook Plus 32-bit

The trial version of FastLook Plus includes full API.

Download Now
file size: 24.9 MB

FastLook PRO 32-bit

The trial version of FastLook PRO includes full API.

Download Now
file size: 150.4 MB

FastLook ActiveX 32-bit

The FastLook ActiveX must be used with FastLook Plus or FastLook Pro.

Download Now
file size: 445 KB

The demos are contained in self-extracting zip files.

  1. Download the file, place it in a temporary directory and run the EXE. This will extract the setup files into the temporary directory.
  2. Run the SETUP.EXE to begin the actual installation and follow as directed.

Sample Code

Feel free to download one of these examples to better understand how FastLook can be integrated.

+  Visual Basic 6.0 (32-bit only)
   Download Now size: 32 KB
+  VB.NET 2008+ (32-bit only)
   Download Now size: 48 KB
+  VB.NET 2012+ (32-bit or 64-bit)
   Download Now size: 32 KB
+  C#.NET 2008+ (32-bit only)
   Download Now size: 45 KB
+  MS Access 2010+ (32-bit only)
   Download Now size: 191 KB
+  MS Access 2016 (32-bit only)
   Download Now size: 191 KB

You must have the host application to run an example. Please refer to the README.TXT included in the ZIP file to set up the example correctly. Be sure to install the correct version of FastLook before running the example.

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